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About the Tower Arts Center

The Tower Center has recently become the “program of choice” for individuals with exceptionalities in the Fresno area who have expressed or exhibited an interest in art. Through a variety of mediums (drawing, painting, mixed media, poetry, pottery, etc.), the Tower Center strives to create an environment that encourages and supports our artists’ exploration of their creative expression, and consequently foster positive changes that elevate self- worth and dignity for every individual. 

The Tower Program participants demonstrate to themselves, their peers and to the larger community - through events such as Art Hop - that their personal experience and its expression through their art is both relevant and important.

Artists at the Tower Arts Center...
receive art instruction from friendly  staff with experience in multiple art fieldsparticipate in monthly art exhibitions, open to the community through Art Hopencouraged for creative ideas in a supportive and positive environmen…
Recent posts

June 2019 ArtHop

Caroline Sanchez had her solo show on the 6th of June. Her work tends to be whimsical and colorful. Many of her pieces feature individuals from and references to pop culture. 

April 2019 ArtHop

Our April ArtHop was a collective show that displayed pieces of art created by many of our artists. We were also honored to be able to feature the art of our dear friend Joshua Hysell. This exhibit will be on display through the end of the May.